Monday, February 27, 2012

Shades of Love Cake Contest

Photo from Star Tribune

I saw this {awesome} cake featured in the Star Tribune a few weeks ago. I am going to make it next week.  Should be fun. You can find the recipe here: Shades of Love Cake

Anyone else want to join The Cake Challenge? Prizes for the best cake :)

Here are the official guidelines:

Feel free to use any color you like. Your cake photo must have a cut out piece like the picture above!
Email your picture anytime between March 7th-17th to

I will post your pictures to my Pinterest Board "Shades of Love Cake Contest"
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Ross Sveback (The creator of this wonderful cake) will select the winning cake.

 The Winner will receive:

    Courtesy of Wilton:

(1) Wilton Master Tip Set

(1) Wilton 50 count Disposable Decorating Bags

(1) Wilton Icing Color Set
(6) LUX Soaps courtesy of Ross Sveback

(2) mugs adorned with crochet cozies handmade by me :)

The winner will be announced March 18th

We are excited to see your version of this wonderful cake. Have fun baking :)


  1. Am I participating in this cake challenge? -Stephanie

  2. You should since you are basically a pro cake baker and decorator!

  3. Looks like the perfect cake for someone's birthday!! :)

  4. Hey, how about this! I created this cake, so I want everyone to post their photos. I will make a Pinterest file and whichever cake gets the most likes after ten days wins four of my LUX soaps!

  5. Game on.........I mean bake on!

  6. I think the contest should allow you to choose whatever color you desire, would be fun to see it in other colors than just pink since I am doing one in yellow this weekend.

  7. I am totally game for a cake contest, unfortunately Pinterest may not be the best outlet for "like" counting. Pinterest randomly selects which pins make it to the main page of their site for everyone to see, not just your followers. So some pins may be viewable to hundreds, others will only be shown to your followers. Just a thought. ~Anna